Introduce Compulsory Diplomacy Training

Zambia Institute of Diplomacy and International studies- ZIDIS- has proposed to government to introduce compulsory diplomacy training to all officers in the civil service.

ZIDIS- Acting Director Loveness Mulimbika says Protocol and Etiquette should be undertaken by all officers in the civil service to enable full understanding of procedures and courteousness in society

Ms. Mulimbika says diplomacy should not just be considered for those appointed to serve in Foreign Service.

She was speaking when gracing the diplomatic graduation ceremony of 37 graduands held at the Zambia institute of diplomatic and international studies in Lusaka.

Ms. Mulimbika also said the institution is contemplating introducing Digital Diplomacy or E-Diplomacy as a way of facilitating new methods of conducting training.

And Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary in Charge of Administration Ronald Simwiinga observed that diplomacy should Not be limited to government institutions alone but extended to non-governmental organizations as well.

Dr. Simwiinga also said individuals must take keen interest in studying diplomatic studies to be efficient in their operations.

Meanwhile, student Representative Mompoloki Nkgapha from BOTSWANA said the training signifies good bilateral relations between Botswana and Zambia

Mr. Nkgapha said the group is committed to participating meaningfully in the development of the countries they represent.

Among the graduates were students from Zambia, Botswana and Angola.

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